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Normal playback

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<x-gif src="{{ trustedUrl() }}"></x-gif>


<x-gif src="{{ trustedUrl() }}" ping-pong></x-gif>


<x-gif src="{{ trustedUrl() }}" speed="{{ gif.speed }}"></x-gif>

Synced to Audio

Playback speed: {{ gif.playbackRate | number:1 }} + -

Loading beat data...
<x-gif src="{{ trustedUrl() }}" synced></x-gif>

Audio: Encom Part II by Daft Punk. CC0 1.0 Universal.
Source: Archive.org
Beat metadata provided by Echo Nest

See a full screen demo


<x-gif src="{{ trustedUrl() }}" stopped></x-gif>
See demo


<x-gif src="{{ trustedUrl() }}" exploded></x-gif>

Explode the gif into its component frames (handy for debugging)

See demo